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No doubt that whenever you drive your car you are not thinking about the possibilities that your windshield or other car window could be damaged. It doesn’t take much for something like that to occur. It could happen due to an accident, a tire of a car kicking up a pebble that hits your windshield, or a smash and grab theft. You may not think about it, but when it happens the occurrence no doubt will force you to say, “I wish I knew of an auto glass repair service near me?” Don’t fret. There probably is a auto glass repair shop close by and it is Connect Auto Glass, THE Newhall windshield replacement shop.

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Auto Glass Replacement

Perhaps you have had a need for a windshield replacement or a repair of another window of your car and had to drive to a local auto glass repair shop where you had to wait for your car while is was being repaired.

That is no longer the case for people who live in Newhall. Instead, we can assure that our well skilled repair technicians who are equipped with the newest tools come to your location regardless of whether it is your place of business, your home or anywhere else you may driven your car. The technicians perform competent and fast work on-site.

Moreover, we strive to do the work for a fair price. You may think that windshield replacement or repair of automobile glass windows is expensive due to what other auto glass shops have charged. Instead, we quote prices based on the service performed. In addition, we offer a number of payment options.

How Connect Auto Glass Works

We are actually a national company that seeks out the best local auto glass repair shops around the country. We then research the business; analyze it as well as its geographical location to determine the shops that perform the best service to the most areas within a location.

You start the process by calling our customer service department. Call when you are ready and you will immediately be connected to one of our professional representatives who will dispatch the nearest auto glass repair technician to come to you and service your vehicle.

You probably know someone who had an accident or who was vandalized resulting in a broken windshield or other automobile glass window who had a tough time locating a competent repair shop and found themselves saying, “I need auto glass repair near me.” Our mobile service and the location of our shops assure that you or a friend will no longer have to say or think that again.

There is no reason for you to worry about the cost of the repair. We believe that are prices are fair and affordable. You can receive a quote before you commit to the service. Simply visit our website and enter your zip code on the homepage. Click and our “quote” page will instantly appear. Here you provide us with details about your car, what damaged glass needs to be fixed, and contact information including your name, phone number, and email address. Click and you will be supplied with a quote and then you can decide whether or not to follow through with an appointment.

How Does It Work With Insurance?

To make your experience with Connect Auto Glass as enjoyable and convenient as possible, we deal with many of the most popular automobile insurance companies including Safeco, Hartford, Chubb, MetLife, Nationwide, AAA, American Family, Geico, Progressive, Metropolitan and others. That is another reason why we are your Newhall windshield replacement provider. Visit our insurance page to discover if your auto insurance carrier is a participant in our program.

Newhall Windshield Replacement: We’ll Come To You!

There are plenty of destinations you can drive to in the Newhall area including the William S. Hart Museum, Canyon Theatre Guild, and Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio. No matter where you drive your car, if you need auto glass replacement that comes to you, you can rely on Newhall Windshield Replacement Connect Auto Glass.

Located about 33 miles northwest of Los Angeles, Newhall has a population of 52,386 and is the southernmost and oldest community of Santa Clarita, California. On average, the summers are hot, arid and clear and the winters are cold and wet. Through the period of a year, the temperatures commonly vary from 44°F to 93°F and is rarely below 37°F or above 101°F.

In Los Angeles County, Newhall is surrounded by several state and interstate freeways that include I-5, also known as the Golden State Freeway, I-170 or the Hollywood-Pasadena-Harbor Freeway, and state route 14, a.k.a. the Antelope Valley Freeway.

The Golden State Freeway runs from the Mexico-United States border and travels north through California and into Oregon. It is the most important and most used of the two major north-south routes on the Pacific coast.

State Route 14 or the Antelope Valley Freeway is a north-south highway and connects with I-5 at the city of Santa Clarita at the north portion and runs south to Los Angeles neighborhoods including Granada Hills and Sylmar. It is said to be a heavily used road with congestion occurring rush hours on weekdays.

It is evident that Newhall is located in a junction of major routes that travel north and south. So it is not uncommon for accidents to occur.

That’s where we come in, your Newhall windshield replacement provider. We are Connect Auto Glass, an auto glass replacement company that provides mobile repair services. What that means is our skillful repair technicians will come to you and service your vehicle.

If you don’t live in Newhall, but in another city of Southern California, don’t worry we still have you covered. Connect Auto Glass is located all over the region including Encino, Oxnard, Huntington Beach, Glendale, and more.