You Need to Know These 5 Things Before Tinted Windshield Installation

You Need to Know These 5 Things Before Tinted Windshield Installation

People enjoy tinted windshields for many reasons. While some like to further accentuate their exterior window appearance, others do it for more personal reasons, like health. Keeping yourself well-shielded from the harsh ultra violet rays of the sun is a popular reason for the tint treatment.

Tints are great! However, there are factors one must be aware of before purchasing tinted windows. A windshield/window tint job is expensive, so you ought to know everything you can before you finally make your mind. If you’re still deciding, here are some key factors to consider when buying tints for your vehicle:

5. Know the Different Types of Tints

There are, of course, many types of tint available. Metallic tint possesses reflective qualities and is good for reflecting harmful UV rays right off. This reduces heat and giving you some privacy.

But metalized tint paper will become a nuisance in the long run as it disrupts electronic signals. On the other hand, traditional, non-metallic tints are ideal for vehicles that come with high-tech navigational systems and electronic amenities.  But normal tints don’t perform well when it comes to block UV rays and keeping the car cool.

4. Tint Warranty Coverage

A majority of top-notch tints come with a limited life time warranty. But it is vital that you confirm the precise time-period of the warranty and all the ‘strings attached’ prior to buying the product.  Ensure you get a manufacturer’s warranty and have it filled-out by the person installing the tints.

You need to be sure whether you can tint your vehicle. If the installation isn’t legal you will not be able to claim your warranty. Talk to the vendor about the rules and regulations and confirm the information yourself before moving ahead.

3. Windows Tints that Suit Your Car</h2

To buy a quality product for you ride, it is critical you first consult with a reputed window film vendor or dealer. Renowned businesses have a stockpile of different shades, colors, types and styles of tints available. Plus, they are experts:  they know what tint is going to perform best and look good on your car!

2. Which Vendor is Ideal for You?

Don’t ever think of compromising quality over price and installation expertise. There are a lot of companies you can sift through in your area. It is still important to narrow down your list to the top three vendors. Read and compare reviews and prices. Gauge the company’s reputation and look any videos they have posted tinting a car.

1. Tinting Laws

Before even considering getting a tint-job for your ride, you need to first do some solid research on your areas tint laws. It is critical that you adhere to all traffic rules and regulations, and not break any laws unintentionally or because of negligence.

Tint laws vary from state to state – which is why you should complete a simple internet check for potential restrictions. The regulations imposed would either be police or inspection-enforced.

One should also consider the tint percentage regulations, as well. These rules are primarily based on your vehicle’s make and model as well as which window you plan to tint. Lower percentage tints are permitted by law on rear mirrors. Sure, tinting vendors have ‘a good idea’ about local laws, but don’t rely on them completely!

Older vehicles have different tint laws. While older cars are permitted to have a low-tint level of 20%, new rides are sold with 70% stock-tint.

In all, this is absolutely everything you need to know before getting a first-class tint! But remember, respect the law and make sure you’re not accidentally breaking it – never rush into making a tint-related decision!

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