Why Don’t We Use Bulletproof Glass in Our Cars?

Why Don’t We Use Bulletproof Glass in Our Cars?

Violence throughout the world breeds never-ending safety concerns. In the case of world leaders and political heads, groups prefer utilizing cars with ultimate protection so that they can easily escape in case of a threat and endure literal bullet fire. But why don’t we have bullet proof glass in every car? If it’s so safe, is the general public missing out on an essential safeguard? (image via aghasafetyglass.com)

Bullet Proof Glass

Bullet-Proof glass is actually quite similar to regular glass. Moreover, it provides added resistance from breakage. This is the reason why large companies choose to install windows with high bullet-resistance. Typically, “bullet proof” glass falls under the laminate glass category, often thought of as a many-layered “glass sandwich.” The term “bullet-proof” suggests an object that is completely unbreakable by gunfire. However, this is not the case, and the glass will break if hit regularly.

Drawbacks of using Bullet Proof Glass

Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages of choosing a bullet-proof glass for your vehicle:


It is believed that anything with an added benefit will cost you more. Same is the difference in price between a bullet-proof and normal glass. At times, it can be much costlier and can add thousands more to your expense. Moreover, it would decrease your insurance costs. However, as there is not much of a difference between the two types of glasses, then what’s the point of investing more in a thing that is not worth buying.


Car doors with bullet-proof glasses are much thicker as compared to the glass material used in normal cars. This weighs comparatively more, and when installed in your cars, can add more related expenses. One of the major expenses would be the installation of additional motors to move the windows up and down. The motors are high-priced.

If you want to cut expenses, search for companies manufacturing these doors. This would ensure that you get the best product at the best price. Moreover, you would stick to one company when the need arises.


There is no doubt that using bullet-proof glass is appealing enough to attract more people towards it. It is used by high-risk businesses all over the globe. However, it is not as much reliable and can break if there is a repeated impact. If this happens, then why should a user buy this? Moreover, another drawback users have is that it comes in a standard size. Those of you who are willing to reduce or cut its size according to your use, it is not possible.


Bullet-proof windows are less effective and can be easily broken when used for a long time. In short, it can be said that it is not long lasting at all. However, any repair done to the window can be easily hidden. Therefore, this is bad news for those of you who are looking for used bulletproof vehicles. The reason is that any major accident in a vehicle cannot be seen, while you are buying.

Difficulty in driving

As bullet-proof vehicles have heavier materials than a normal car, therefore, it is often seen that drivers complain about the car to be heavy. This makes it difficult to drive and can be easily broken down. However, having a heavier vehicle will ensure good road grip.

So, Do We Really Need Bullet Proof Glass?

The bottom line is that using bulletproof vehicles is not much of a need for the normal public. The disadvantages would outweigh the advantages. Therefore, you should go through the normal glass window. In lieu of bulletproof shields, take mindful safety measures when travelling. Unless there is a direct threat to your safety by an individual or organization, standard auto glass should serve the world just fine!

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