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Nationwide coverage, and over 64,000 glass parts to fit your vehicle. Connect Auto Glass has more ways than anybody else to get you back on the road.
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Have peace of mind when you choose Connect Auto Glass, the ONLY auto glass provider with lifetime, transferable, nationwide warranty on glass or installation defects.
Specialized Installation Quality
Connect Auto Glass matches you with installation technicians that have REAL experience with your vehicle. With over 10,000 technicians, we will send a proven expert!
Unlimited Breakage Guarantee
When financing your replacement, there is no need to worry while making payments! If it breaks before it’s paid off, Connect Auto Glass will replace it FREE!
Let us be your second opinion

We connect you with the best auto glass provider tailored to your vehicle and schedule

No matter where you may be when you need a new windshield or window, we are able to find providers to best match their schedule and budget, and Connect Auto Glass backs every service with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

We offer more payment options than ANYONE else, aimed at simplifying your life


See how easy it is to get approved, regardless of your credit standing.


Most insurance companies cover the cost with no fault placed on you.


Explore the benefits of cost savings, warranty, scheduling, and more.

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Discover how you can use financing to pay your deductible.
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Gain access to the millions of jobs each year that would otherwise go to insurance networks or your competitors. Connect is a transparent, open-access auto glass marketplace. Tell us how you want jobs delivered to you, and Connect will deliver!

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